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I don't like that you ask for comments and rates, but this game is GREAT

EXTREMELY well done, unique and overall AMAZING AND ORIGINAL DEFENSE GAME!!!! 10/10 and an amazing playthrough. not too long and can be completed in once sitting. Not alot of replayability but Im totally ok with it and will recomend to all my friends! WELL DONE MY FRIENDS! I hope to see more like this or even an expansion!!!

The oNLY complaint i have is there are just SOOO many citizens, its soi hard to keep track of, i ended up only using farmers, engineers, and the javelin dudes for pure damage, and to build walls and it was extremely effective.

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What VST's do you use? I have zero critique on this one, this, is, amazing. I would really love to know how you made this., and pick your brain someday.

Official nguac score; 10/10, only perfect I've ever given.



VociferousMusic responds:

Thanks for the review - I feel honored to have received the first 10 score from you :3

I'm using the Kontakt 6 player exclusively since a while, and the soundtrack contains the following libraries:

- Cinematic Strings (Doubles Basses, 2nd Cellos, Violas, Violins)
- Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra (Bassoon)
- Action Strikes (Tambourine, Shaker, Taiko)
- Acoustic Saz (Saz)
- Ethno World 6 (voice at 3:35 and 5:31, Sitar, Shellhorn, Udu)
- Tina Guo Cello (for the 1st Cello phrases)
- Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion (Cymbals, Toms, Sticks)
- World Impact Global Percussion (Bongo)
- Organic Voices Volume 2 (all other voices)
- Ilya Efimov Duduk (Duduk)
- Shahrazad (Clarinet)
- Ney v1.1 (Ney flute)
- Lumina (Alto flute)
- CineBrass Pro (Horns, Trombones)
- Voices of the Apocalypse (background choir, shouts)

I dont like this track, in a good way, because it elicited real fear especially after reading your idea of the track.

the intro is really interesting, maybe utilizing some aspects of FL Gross beat, or maybe your own production, but the over-all vibe, is truly terrifying, which is what you were going for i assume.

I am trying to judge this simply on overall composition which includes the scary parts. and honestly, you truly


created a scary and anxiety ridden vibe that made me 1; creeped out. 2; uncomfortable. 3; honestly scared to listen to it.

great job with your vibe here. I have very little criticism because this music you've created hit me in a scary, and weird way.

Overall Composition; 8.25
Overall Production; 7
Overall Impression; 9

Score; 8.08

---offical NGUAC review--

ShockblastDeluxe responds:

Heh, well, thanks for listening! :D

And I hope you've been able to recover from it. :P

I love the somber aura youve created at the beginning, the motiff being introduced in the piano is so subtle, and well done, then the flute taking it over, then the trumpet taking it over in a very patriotic tone, so well done as an original piece while also not leaning way to heavily into patriotic ideas on its own, then you add the war-time style snare with the trumpet at the same time, beautiful, and the way you transistion these ides into a dramatic conglomerate, honestly very few wrods, very emotionally moving, and I;m blown away. great motiff, great variations, great execution, amazing.

Overall Composition; 9.25
Overall Production; 8.5
Overall Impression; 9

Score; 8.91

potato-stick responds:

Really appreciate it! I spent a lot of time considering these variations and have been working on orchestration that properly evokes certain stylistic tendencies such as the trumpet and snare for a military band feel. I wanted to cover a lot of ground while creating a somber, yet honoring tone so I appreciate you taking the time to take a listen.

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” ― George Carlin I'm new to the music making scene. Publicly that is. I'm starting to get serious and I hope you like what you hear! Be sure to favorite my page if you do!


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