My Absence

2015-10-20 02:06:41 by trunotfals

I wanted to say to you guys I'm sorry for my absence from Newgrounds.

I miss you guys and your feedback so much, and after bonding a wee bit with some of you guys from the NGAUC I really wanted to write some stuff for you guys to enjoy, but school has taken up a lot of my time.

The music I do write, has been going to Indaba Music. A lot of their contests specifically state that your song can not be posted anywhere else since they and the artist still own the rights to their samples that you're remixing, and will own your song as well if you win (but you get crazy prizes like lots of money so it's worth it.)3

But I would love to see some fellow producer on this site, guys, seriously, I remixed Chainsmokers, they're judging, if you win ( I porbably won't) you get $1000, and released on their EP with them. 


Even if you don't join, I'd love your guys' support and comments.Here's the link to my profile where you can hear my chainsmokers remix, and my Hypotheticals by Doe Paoro Remix which is coming out probably tomorrow!!!;


I miss you all, You're still on my mind, if I lose these contests, I will definitely release the songs on here. 

Love you fam. 


Keep it Tru


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2015-10-20 13:27:09

hey you won't ever know if you don't try, but good luck to you and wb to ng truno :>