2015-09-10 23:49:16 by trunotfals

Im going to make a forum about his too, but I'm having a problem with FL and hopefully one of you FL users can help me, and will see this. 


I used to be able to resize an audio sample, like a kick drum, and it whould essentially cut the sound off wherever I shortened it. NOW it literally resizes the clip, and makes ALL of my bass drums shorter, and in turn, higher pitched. It's worse when I do it with my vocals, and dont notice it after going through my work flow process quite a bit, then go back to play it, and realize my fucking vocals are out of tune, and ive done too much work to be able to go back in my history. Much less would I WANT to go back my workflow proceANyway, NOW I have to use the slicer, which is fine, but sometimes it doesnt cut off the audio sample RIGHT at the point I want it too. I mainly use this for my kicks when I have a fast 16th note pattern of kicks, or a like a quick double kick pattern, so the tail of the first not doesnt interfere with the attack of the second note. 


It seems small, but I'm sure you all understand and hate when something changes and fucks up your regular work flow. I used to use this function a lot and it seems to be a huge hassle now. 


It will shorten a pattern just fine, but and audio sample that is directly on the playlist (which I do a lot, since I'm able to shorten the reverb and decay on a synth, or vocal sample IMMEDIATELY for certain effect.) Infact, i bounce out most of my stuff to audio once it's all solidified. 


Anywhoo, if anyone knows a solution, I'd love you forever and will name a song after you. 


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2015-09-11 03:30:32

Idk what could it be, you should ask in the audio forum, someone may give you a quick answer.
Or if you don't mind a "reading marathon", here's a lot of already answered FL questions, maybe someone had the same problem before:


2015-10-12 00:36:09

On the playlist, there is a box to the top left. There are three buttons; audio clips, automation clips, and pattern clips. Choose audio clips, and uncheck stretch. ;)

So about that song naming . . . ;)

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