Entry #1


2015-08-25 22:11:52 by trunotfals

This is my first "News Post."

Well it feels more like a blog thing. 


But after winning the NGAUC, I was hoping to release some of the songs that were scrapped for the final round, i didnt think they were competition material but they were worth working on to make a seperate release. 


I got involved with school, Io moved to the other side of the mountains to become a pilot, and I've been so excited, meeting new people, I've actually made two buddies and we hang out everyday. 


But I just found out today that I won't be able to pull together the money to pay for the degree. 


I'm heartbroken. And thats's really all I have to say. 


Im discouraged, BUT I'm going to continue to make music and playing video games, hopefully make a decent payout off my youtube channel, and keep being awesome. 





But Hi guys, I'm Mike, You can call me True. 


What are some of your life dreams?


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2015-08-26 16:50:41

Life dreams . . . I want to build a gundam robot and fly around laughing at the Military/Gov. as they try to catch me. O.O

trunotfals responds:

LOL I remember you telling me this!!!!